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Mill & Fill

This is the process of milling off the asphalt when you just don’t have room to come up with more asphalt.

Mix in Place/Reclaim is not always the answer. Often times, removing the Alligatored (Cracked) asphalt and not disturbing a constructed a well-compacted subbase is a better solution.



Old world materials & design mixed in with function

A driveway needs to be worked into the property with all your landscape goals in mind. This is why we work for and with the leading Landscape Architects & Landscape Design-Build companies on Long Island. Bringing all this to the table when building a driveway at a residence.


Mix in Place

Grind and mix asphalt with existing subbase material.

Grade area and compact. This is a great recycling solution for existing asphalt and producing added subbase.


New Sites

From the ground up or just picking it up from the subgrade.

Clearing, Drainage, Concrete, Grading and of course, paving. One company can pull your site together or just make the site easier for your contractors. Things that keep us being smart on a job: Tree Protection, Gas Markouts, Silt Fence to protect our water supply and the training it takes. Storm water training is required by the towns.


New Construction

Contractors Note: 85% of our new sites start at the subgrade.

Working with your excavation and drainage, concrete and landscape subs is never a problem for us at Lindley Bros. As the saying goes, we play well in the sandbox with others. We understand the meaning of your own team and work as a team player that can augment your in-house experts. Finger pointing is never our game.


Golf Courses

Lindley Bros. is a proud member of the Long Island Golf Course Superintendents’ Association.

When it comes to resurfacing and constructing new cart paths, you want a company that knows its asphalt from a hole in the ground.

Golf Course work is specialized and demanding. And as such, is not for every company. If the company you choose can’t meet these demands they don’t belong anywhere near your course. Lindley Brothers are the leaders in this field for good reason. We bring the right people, experience and equipment to every golf course we work at:

  • Experience with a long list of leading Tri-State clubs.
  • A paving machine made specifically for building cart paths.
  • Operators that know where a machine should and should not go.
  • An experienced crew that has worked on top courses from Westchester to Long Island.
  • The correct amount of insurance.

Lindley Bros. has earned the respect of Golf Superintendents and Club board members everywhere. Find out what we can do for your course.

A few of the courses we have worked at over the past 30 years include: Wykagyl Country Club, Hempstead Golf & Country Club, Old Westbury Golf & Country Club, Garden City Country Club, Spring Lake Golf Course, Swan Lake Golf Course, Mill Pond Golf Course, Island Hills Golf Course, Colonial Springs Golf Course, St. George’s Golf & Country Club, Nassau Country Club, Nissequogue Golf Club, Hamlet Golf, & Wheatly Hills Golf Course.


Tennis Courts + Sport Areas

Building Tennis courts at schools, town parks, apartment complexes and private homes.

From the Hamptons to Queens, we have literally built hundreds of tennis courts. Like the game itself, it is an exacting enterprise…The grade and slope have to be spot on…Surfaces have to be uniform and nearly perfect…and dimensions, of course, need to be exact. Those are just some of the reasons most paving companies do not even do tennis court work. At Lindley Bros., we welcome the challenge.

A commitment to safety underscores everything we do.

We always put safety first.

Whether it is our use of high-visibility uniforms, our commitment to road safety, calling in markouts for the location of utilities, or the fact

that every one of our employees is trained in OSHA 10, safety is something we take very seriously. Our stellar safety record over the last 30 years proves it.