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Private area in Ashroken, NY | Area along the water and a Sensitive DEC-designated Area.

  • Construct New Driveway and Roads.
  • Mill & remove 570 Tons of Asphalt.
  • Mill Subgrade due to the width of the job and that fact that it was a single lane road.
  • Install, Grade and Compact 1,200 Tons of Item 4 Subbase.
  • Install, Grade & Compact 575 Tons RCA Subase.
  • Install 825 Tons of Type 3 Binder Coarse Asphalt.
  • Install 660 Tons TYpe 6 Asphalt Wearing Coarse.

Because this was a one-way in and out road, it gave the Lindley Trucking and Road work crews a new challenge. The fact that it was a DEC sensitive area made things even more interesting and care became a major player in the job. So as not to take away what is a major access road to the area, the removal, grade and subbase installation was all done in a single day.


This project was a great challenge for everyone in our company. Making this job happen in the latter part of the year when the weather is not always on your side compounded all of the existing challenges. We got it done and the road was reopened the same day we started. At the end of the job, everyone involved—our team and of course the client, were all in agreement that the challenge was well met.

Pictures. All of the Duck Island Project