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Job Site: Pine Hills North, Manorville, NY Sport Complex Area. Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Small turf field, Volley Ball, & Playground area. All removal work & Excavation. Subgrade area. Install Drainage. Install Subase & 2 LIfts of asphalt. Install Subase in new Playground area.

Mil & Remove 400 Cubic Yards of asphalt. Grade area and Install 690 Tons RCA Stone Subase. 300 Tons of Binder Coarse asphalt Type 3. 250 Tons Type 7 Asphalt Wearing Coarse. 524 Tons subgrade material. Granular. 320 Tons of Fine sand for the Volleyball court area. 775 Tons 3/4” Bluestone for drainable subgrade & top dress area with 320 tons of 3/8” Bluestone.

Scope of work:

  • Engineer grades, elevations. & Drainage.
  • Layout area with surveyor.
  • Set grades.
  • Milled asphalt & Constructed courts.

This sports area was added by Heatherwood Communities to make it something no other Apartment complex could offer. Fun for the whole family of all ages.

This was a Total credit to Doug Partrick (Owner of Heatherwood Communities) for a vision that no other has ever given to it’s clients. From the Sports area to the pool to the Golf Course a Private Country Club would have a tough time competing.